Better, Other ways, Less: B-O-L

You can reduce your impact in three ways: choosing better alternatives, searching for other solutions and sometimes a little less is more. Better, Other ways, Less: B-O-L.

Making something ‘better’ means making polluting things cleaner. There’s a lot to gain from that. In recent years, for example, airplanes and greenhouses have become more energy efficient. ‘Better’ is a step on the way to ‘good’. Useful, but still in progress.

By ‘other ways’ I mean a sustainable alternative. And there are already many of them. The train (using green electricity) instead of the airplane, solar panels instead of grey electricity and legumes instead of meat. ‘Other ways’ can lead to a system change.

Half of the Dutch people have difficulties keeping their weight healthy and our houses are full of stuff. Put that next to the two biggest impacts: stuff and eating meat! Less consumption makes the most sense. And maybe a little less will make us happy. The best part is, it’s super easy. You can start today!

More advice in the book!