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Flying to Bali for a Beach Cleanup

Cleaning up the park around the corner

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There is a lot of plastic on the beaches of Bali, and it is important that all of it is cleaned up. However,  from the kerosene it costs to fly to Bali, you can make 1.2 million sandwich bags! Also, you can compare the impact of a return trip to Bali with 4 years of driving, because the exhaust fumes of an airplane at an altitude of 10 kilometres are 2.7 times more harmful than on the ground. You would have to plant about 1000 trees to compensate for the climate effect. Therefor, the positive impact of cleaning up does not outweigh the negative impact of flying.

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This makes the biggest positive difference! Because you don’t use energy to get there, there is no pollution: you only have a positive impact. All you clean up does not end up in nature as litter and ultimately as microplastics. Animals often see pieces of plastic for food and eat it. This can cause them to suffocate or starve. Microplastics are also unhealthy for animals, as they may, for example, disrupt reproduction. And finally, the microplastics end up in our food and drinks, as plastic particles have already been found in fish. All of this can be prevented by cleaning up litter. In addition, you have a direct positive effect on the quality of life and living comfort in your neighbourhood. Win-win!

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Hidden Impact

We as Western consumers have much more impact than we think. Not only in our daily activities in and around the house or weekly at the gaspump, but mostly on the other side of the world, by producing and transporting the things we buy and use daily. We as consumers ultimately pay for that hidden impact and we keep the system in position. This book gives you background information and practical tips, so you can have a positive influence. Think Big Act Now!

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“What a joyous initiative! This book will make the minds think and hopefully generate an important impact.”

Seppe Deckers, KU Leuven
Eco-positive living is a simple idea: contributing more than doing harm.
Find out what you can do to live an eco-positive life!


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We translated The Hidden Impact into English, the content relates partly to the Dutch situation and partly to the United States; it is a draft version, but it is complete. This PDF is perfect for digital reading on your tablet, but less suitable for an e-reader.

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